Luca Campodonico – challenge accepted

By Ilana Koegelenberg

Luca Campodonico has been working his way up in the consulting world since starting at CKR Consulting Engineers during his final years of study — and he is not stopping now. 

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Luca Campodonico is a mechanical consulting engineer at CKR, quickly moving up the ranks.


Although Campodonico still considers himself to be at the ‘early stages’ of his career as mechanical engineer at CKR, he recently started running his own projects under the guidance of more senior engineers.

His role has developed from doing load calculations and Bill of Quantities documents, to tasks that require more experience, such as Design Intent documents, cost estimates, specification, and detailed construction drawings.

“Moving to a more senior role also involves guiding and advising the client through the entire project life cycle, which I really enjoy,” he says.

Getting started

Campodonico started at CKR while he was completing his final year at the University of Pretoria. He went to work there twice a week and enjoyed gaining the work experience while finishing up his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

But why this industry? “My primary focus was to grow in an industry that is required globally and sustainable in the long term,” he explains. “As virtually all new commercial buildings now require heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, skills in HVAC design will always be required.”

From the design perspective, he has always been interested in sustainable design and improving system efficiencies. Given that HVAC contributes to a large portion of a building’s power consumption, improvements in the system design can drastically reduce the overall power consumption of a building.

For the love of the job

Campodonico thoroughly enjoys his job. “Improving efficiency of design with the use of new, innovative tools and software is my favourite part of my day!” He also enjoys meeting with clients and understanding existing systems and how they can be improved during building refurbishments. “Stepping back and looking at the highly complex projects that one has completed after months of hard work and perseverance, is highly satisfying.”

“Another aspect I find attractive is that no day is the same. From project to project and task to task, nothing is completely standard. I find myself developing consistently and finding new techniques to complete different aspects of a design. I enjoy being involved in projects that offer difficult and challenging problems, because this forces me to develop my skills, which I find highly motivating.”


Campodonico has been privileged enough to be involved in several large projects at CKR, including:

  • Inyanda Atrium Parktown – This 21m-high atrium with glass on the roof and front façade had an existing overhead system that was not functionating. So, CKR developed and implemented an underfloor system, which has achieved great results.
  • Intercontinental Hotel (Lusaka) – They designed a new chilled water system to be implemented in a 400-key hotel in Zambia.
  • Loreal Woodlands Office Park – This office development required an upgrade to its HVAC system.
  • Melrose Apartments – These new, high-end apartments required an innovative system that would offer new technologies to match the sophistication of the apartment.

Future plans

Like most engineers, completing his Pr Eng professional registration is at the top of the list of outstanding achievements for Campodonico.

“I am very hopeful regarding my future potential in the HVAC industry and would like to be a leading consultant within the next 10 years.” 

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