Report: global indoor air meters market expected to grow

A report released by global market research company, Research and Markets, estimates that from the 2017 to 2021 the global indoor air quality (IAQ) meters market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.56%. Download the report now.

airquality 001Lack of awareness of indoor air pollution is hindering the market.
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‘(IAQ) is defined by the amount of ventilation, level of humidity, ambient temperature, and the presence of biological and chemical contamination in the air within a specific area inside a building,’ the report explains. IAQ meters monitor and identify potential pollutants so that action can be taken to remove them. Fixed and portable meters are the two major product types in the global market.

‘As the quality of breathable air affects the health and comfort of individuals over a prolonged period of exposure, it therefore becomes crucial to identify pollutants in the air and determine their source of origin,’ according to Research and Markets.

One of the main drivers for the global indoor air quality meters market is building materials, according to the report. Building materials can emit an excess of organic chemicals that cause occupants to experience irritation, sickness and nausea, the report points out.

‘Formaldehyde, which is used for shelving, is found in pressed wood. Resinous glue is the primary source of formaldehyde pollution in houses that hold these wood particles together,’ according to the report. ‘Air contamination by building materials, glues, fiberglass and particle boards becomes a major health and safety concern.’

An analyst from the research team for the report says that architects and builders play a crucial role in contributing to the global indoor air quality meters market. “The latest trend gaining momentum in the market is planned constructions,” the analyst comments. “Though there are monitoring devices to identify the potential pollutants and sources, certain preventive measures, if taken from the start, can avoid the potential future pollutant sources.”

Although the report predicts market growth over the next several years, lack of awareness of indoor air pollution is hindering the market. ‘The awareness regarding indoor air pollution is very limited, especially in the developing countries,’ the report says. ‘[The] majority of people lack the basic knowledge regarding factors that influence the quality of indoor air.’

Download the report

Source: Environmental Leader


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