SA with disposable refrigerants cylinders vs without

A picture is worth a 1 000 words, so check out this infographic explaining the current situation in South Africa with disposables versus a greener South Africa with returnable packaging. 

As we are all aware, South Africa is suffering from a high unemployment rate which is as a result of low local production and high imports of finished goods. We also have a high waste rate which the country is trying to curb. On top of this, the entire world (through the Montreal Protocol) is trying to tackle the illegal emissions of Ozone Depleting and High global warming potential (GWP) substances to protect the environment for the future of our kids.

AGAS001DownloadhereThis infographic offers a comparative view on the lifecycle and effect of disposable cylinders
and its alternative returnable packaging and how these options impacts South-Africa socially,
economically and environmentally.

There is a reason why countries like Europe, India, Australia and soon to be Saudi Arabia and Russia as well have banned disposables. Not only was returnable packaging good for the environment, but it created uplifting meaningful jobs in the HVAC&R sector, also creating jobs in spin off manufacturing sectors and so forth. This then increased the gross domestic product (GDP) for these countries as they became less reliant on imports of complete goods!

You are either part of the solution or you part of the problem – spot the difference below.


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